Which are the best flowers to pick up for wishing birthday?

One of the much awaited occasion in all our lives is a birthday. Since a long time, flowers have been beautifully associated with this event. It can be the birthday of anyone, father, mother, brother, sister, or best friend, a birthday flower would always bring in the most satisfying smile. Take a look below and pick these flowers to wish your loved ones on this amazing day.


Carnation: This is one of the most beautiful flowers of the world. If you want to gift a carnation to someone special, always choose the white one that conveys sweetness and love in the most pristine way. You can also get a pink one for your sweetheart which suggests endless love and devotion. You may combine both these colors and present to the birthday girl or boy.

Chamomile: This is a bright looking flower with a yellow dial and white petals. Pick up this one for your mom or dad and wish them on their birthdays. Rest and relaxation is conveyed through this flower and along with this flower bouquet you can also get a packet of chamomile tea which is a refreshing energy drink. All signs of stress and tension vanishes with this flower.

Sunflower: If someone is going through a bad phase in life, on his/her birthday, you can deliver a basket arrangement of sunflowers that speaks of radiance and positivity. Wishes of long life, feelings of adoration, good luck, loyalty, and prosperity are conveyed by this vivacious flower. If you cannot get these flowers, you can go for a Van Gogh painting of sunflowers.

Chrysanthemum: After rose and tulips, this is the most fascinating flower for sure. You can get this one in white, yellow, red, bright orange, or purple colors. It refers to a lasting friendship, enduring life, loyalty, dedication, and cheerfulness. In Victorian period, people kept this flower to be gifted to friends and also for wishing people “get well soon”. Now with so many vibrant colors available, you can think of a mixed color chrysanthemum bouquet and surprise the birthday girl/boy.

Daisy: A fabulous white round flower with a yellow or blue center is known as daisy which is simply mesmerizing. In old English the word daisy meant “day’s eye” because daisy flowers only opened during the daytime. As daisies grow all-round the year, you would face no problem in grabbing this happy birthday flower. This flower symbolizes purity, innocence, true love, new beginnings, and hope.

Birthday is a beautiful day and with these alluring flowers, make this day a memorable one for your loved ones.