Custom Ice Hockey Jerseys Tips

Ever wondered why ice hockey jerseys, after all these years, are still so highly popular, even among the non-fans? Well, because they are super causal and stylish, duh. This makes it quite a no-brainer for small clothing businesses to stock wholesale ice hockey jerseys- even during non-NHL season. Here are 7 tips to help you bag the best wholesale of these jerseys

  1. Be considerate of different types of consumers. There are professional players, amateurs, fans and then non-fans. They all have diverse needs and preferences. Plus the amount they will be ready to spend on these jerseys will also vary.
  2. Also, for whatever reasons, many bulk buyers overlook women consumers. Don’t do that.
  3. You don’t necessarily have to go with print jerseys all the time. Sometimes the blank ones are just as good choice- especially for the non-fans, who don’t have any clue about teams and players and wear these jerseys as causal and style wear.
  4. Talking about casual and style, you should, if needed, customize yourwholesale ice hockey jerseys to make them more appealing. Play with different color combinations, designs, and texts.
  5. About size, you don’t always have to look for moderate or perfect fit. Many people look for baggy jerseys. Of course these are non-players.
  6. When targeting the players, be highly considerate of the quality of these wears. Ensure that they are made using dri-fitted fabrics, have high ventilating properties and are light in weight.
  7. To play it safe, wholesale custom ice hockey jerseys Australia, USA, Canada of teams and players that are most popular at the time and people are backing them.